Kristin Lush, or Lush as most call her, began her career over sixteen years ago in Los Angeles before moving to NYC in July of 2012. From the start of her career she has laid down a solid network in both LA & NYC. . With her experience in music and nightlife, her standing in the electronic music industry and nightlife continues to grow with her ability to recruit and addict fans with her energy and “no boundaries, dark, dirty, and sexy undergrounds sounds”.

Lush spins regularly all over NYC & Brooklyn at spots such as Sankeys, Pink Elephant, and Cielo. She also currently produces and DJs weekly events which have become a favorite among NYC house music lovers, with her most current projects being Deep Disco and NYC HAUS Collective. She also DJs weekly at “underground” late night events regularly and her music has become a fixture in the infamous NYC and Brooklyn after-hour scene.


She has played internationally and also still DJs in Los Angeles monthly. Since 1998, she has DJ’d and managed promotion teams, as well as worked in event production for large promotion companies in Los Angeles. Most notably she was a resident DJ and promotion manager for over 5 years with Insomniac Inc., and also DJ’d and managed promotion teams for Go Ventures, and Guerilla Union. Lush has DJ’d and helped produce world known events such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Together as One, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Rock the Bells.

In the past several years she has also begun producing and is currently working on projects with house music legends such as Jesse Saunders. Her passion is making music, playing it loudly, and creating unforgettable experiences for her fans.